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  • Artist Info: I am BRI. I used to have a gaia 6 or so years ago (accursed_apollyon). I love being a goofy goober and piss off ^_^ sweatdrop xp whee smile biggrin xd dramallama <br />
    cat_biggrin cat_surprised cat_4laugh cat_rofl cat_confused cat_smile cat_redface cat_cool cat_pirate cat_talk2hand cat_lol cat_crying cat_burning_eyes cat_mad cat_stare cat_xd cat_razz cat_emo cat_cry cat_3nodding cat_blaugh cat_evil cat_twisted cat_gonk cat_scream cat_rolleyes cat_exclaim cat_stressed cat_sweatdrop cat_question cat_idea cat_xp cat_whee cat_arrow cat_neutral cat_wink cat_sad cat_mrgreen cat_surprised cat_ninja <br />
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