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  • Artist Info: "Just the two of us...To a world with nobody else and, without fighting"-kish (quote) <br />
    "Come with me and I'll save you."-kish (quote) <br />
    I'm just a shy, panromantic demisexual boy/nongendered being, I love anime, manga, and books. I've been called emo and a hipster, I love to sing, write poems/stories/songs, and I like being crazy and weird. I'm very quiet in real life. I'm rather feminine but I have my masculine moments once in a while. Don't call me a girl, ever. He/They pronouns only.<br />
    Also I am a snuggle-cuddle monster~ Rawr! >w<<br />
    But watch out, I have a possessive Master~ <br />
    THAT good enough for you?Here's my pet Roxas The Chef Bunny with her favorite food, Onigiri<br />
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    User Image <br />
    Just.Because.I'm.A.Ragdoll.Doesn't.Mean.I'll.Do.Anything.You.Want. </3<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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    ALL HAIL THE FOX PRINCE(SS)!!!!!<br />
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