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  • Artist Info: Who am I... This question has been asked a whole lot. I am Trey "Darkfire" Keene, I am 18. I am tired of answering these questions. To your second question, I am 6'2 well built 235 pounds. I workout daily, I love myself and no one else. I am single. heart I have been betrayed by everyone who ever told me they loved me so fuck it. I have brown hair, brown eyes. Dark brown eyes, I get tired of people a lot, I grow sick of judgment quickly. I am very angry at any time. I hate people who think they are better than me. I am A Master, I love BDMS, I LIVE IT. I am polyamorous I will love who ever the fuck I want and how ever many I want. I am an anti-theist. Don't like it? Fuck you. I am a vivid rper, gamer, book reader. I am blind in my right eye and have decent vistion in my left, I am a perv when I want to be. Not all the time bt when I want to or need to. I do love to touch people, I am that way don't like it. Don't talk or get near me. Get over it. Don't cast a blind eye to me. Don't hate me. Just go away. I don't want to deal with it. Anything else you wanna know? Ask me.<br />
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    The black Scourge.<br />
    __________________________________________________<br />
    A black demonic smoke Incubus that takes the form of a human and stalks the world he lives in. He is highly toxic and corrosive and kills and corrupts anything he touches, is known to destroy anything he touches. He feeds on the fear of the things he kills. He has no feelings and only has half a conscience. Though he is highly intelligent. He has no mercy in battle. His favorite form is human but can be anything. <br />
    ___________________________________________________<br />
    Appearances:<br />
    Black smoke form: he is a wall of black smoke that has a human like form as it hovers above you. In this form he is extremely corrosive and toxic.<br />
    <br />
    Human form. Grayish black hair.Smokey black eyes, large scale portions, skinny, very light only weighs 60 pounds. In this form he can control how toxic and corrosive he wishes to be.<br />
    ___________________________________________________<br />
    Powers:<br />
    Highly toxic and corrosive smoke also able to use various forms of black magic. Once the smoke touches something it corrupts it and makes it toxic and corrosive. Also, has very powerful seductive properties.<br />
    ___________________________________________________<br />
    Weapons, He wields Darkaro a Black scythe with high amounts of corrosive power that emits from it. it also transforms as he turns into smoke to match his needs. If a opponent touches his scythe it instantly seeps into their skin and begins to corrupt them from the inside out.<br />
    ___________________________________________________<br />
    Guild: the black scourge<br />
    Rank: Leader.<br />
    Guild side: Evil<br />
    Guild In-sigma: Black skull of Smoke<br />
    Guild motto: Corruption is cool.<br />
    _______________________<br />
    Enemy of : The valentine family, The Darkside family, The Seal family, The Onslaught Family, The almighty family.<br />
    Ally of: Black rose garden.<br />
    ________________________________________<br />
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