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  • Artist Info: hi human,demon,animal watever u r welcome to my profil xd <br />
    age:17 but with a heart of a kid ..... xp nha~ i wish sweatdrop <br />
    what i like: anything thats cute emotion_kirakira and making cute faces<br />
    wahmbulance weakness: ppl crying... yes its weird rolleyes wahmbulance <br />
    confession eek if u got nothing on what to say just make a face if that doesnt work tell the truth even if the truth hurts cry <br />
    what i dont want: ppl hating me telling me that im a hore stare and other bad things ...if its not typed as a joke then dont say nothing emotion_omnomnom <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    i have a feeling that im forgetting something (I=3=)I awell...... if u have any question just ask emotion_c8
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