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  • Artist Info: Hello fello Gaian's razz <br />
    I ca't tell you my real name. I think it would ruin the fun of Gaia and being names OMGlobPurple (omglob, from Adventure Time. Obvious fan :T)<br />
    Basically I am a young girl that enjoys the internet way too much to let it come to waste so here i am on Gaia. I have been on here before but I was a little Newb and didn't really understand what to do or why I was here in the first place. I just wanted to talk to people. Now I know a little more than in the past as a 13 year old little freak of nature. Still a freak of nature, just older and a little more wiser that before. Anyway, I'm a nice person. I enjoy reading, I can draw pretty well for an amateur, I play guitar and try and write my own music. I enjoy the company of weirdo's like myself and I absolutely unequivocally love and devote my entire life to Harry Potter. No..Seriously, There is like and then there is me. Remember that little freak of nature? Well now I'm a devoted Potterhead. It literally feels like a religion without the bullshit of believing (No offence the the Christians. I have nothing against god, I just find it hard to believe.) So That's basically my life, tell me about yours and please for the love of Dumbledore, Be my friend. I am on the internet like 24/7 and I don't even have any friends on this! How sad is my life, really? razz <br />
    Also if any of you are interested I upload youtube video's every once in a while and some people like to hear a Scottish accent. Also please subscribe and like n stuff. hate when you guys just visit the channel and don't do anything -.-' so my youtube name is the same as my gaia name and that also goes for Skype too razz <br />
    <br />
    Thanks for the page visit<br />
    Love,<br />
    OMGlobPurple wink
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