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  • Artist Info: Qwaychou has been my online name for many years, it has special significance to me. <br />
    I am an older gaian, and I like to think of myself as open and friendly. I absolutely LOVE to roleplay, or even just chat. <br />
    I am nearly always online, espcially in the winter time. I am disabled and have chronic pain issues, so when it gets cold, I spend more time in my recliner, with my compy. <br />
    I like all kinds of music, my favorite for right now is "still alive" by Jonathan Coulton, hee hee<br />
    I love scary movies, I just watched The Bay yesterday with a dear friend. It was an awesome movie. My faves are zombies though.<br />
    I like to draw and used to do art a lot, until arthritis crept into my hands. The Unicorn man on my siganture is my art. I used to have a thread, years ago, where I would do avatar art for gold, LOL<br />
    Anyway, I am very approachabl, so if you'd like to chat, I'm always right here. 3nodding
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