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  • Artist Info: Hello fellow gaians!!<br />
    My name is Madaline Knight here.<br />
    My real name you may have to ask me.<br />
    Gender: Female<br />
    Personality :,kinda shy,nice,funny,good humor. <br />
    Powers: Thunder point,vampire rage,immortal,good swordsmanship,telekinesis,strongest as the night grows.<br />
    Story:<br />
    I was born from a poisonous womb, born into this world not only crying but my mother had to die for giving birth to me. I was sin , I have been taken care of my adoptive parents. Abandoned I only had them, and my weapons my dear mother left me, obsidian blade from her and crimson daggers and my own weapon the scythe.<br />
    I have trained and trained to fight for the throne I do have happened to claim from my father and his other family.<br />
    <br />
    Abilities :<br />
    immortality <br />
    magic- 8/10<br />
    strength- 10<br />
    defense 10 <br />
    weapon attack 9/10<br />
    <br />
    I am a young woman looking for friends and here to create avatars so I can draw and display them when I can.I am a big bookworm and music freak.I like cute and gothic stuff and lollita stuff.Big fan of Horror and video games.Big fan of Pokemon , The Evil within series,NieR :Automata ,resident evil,Final fantasy, Devil May Cry ,Fire Emblem fan. Just know that I love video games!!<br />
    If you purchase anything from my store thank you so much in advance. 3nodding <br />
    <br />
    I am into anime.music,art,sports,sewing,coloring and helping people.I like to draw avatars. Big Soccer, hockey and baseball fan.I write stories.<br />
    if interested don't hesitate to ask,I'm willing to practice with your avi.<br />
    ~Now drawing and coloring avi with IbisPaint X app.~<br />
    I have been to many concerts!!<br />
    <br />
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