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  • Artist Info: Hello hello<br />
    I'm sango , 19 years old<br />
    I'm from: Quebec/canada<br />
    Fav. color: purple <br />
    Fav.flower: roses<br />
    Fav. sport: volleyball,<br />
    Fav. number: 13 ( will get a tattoo of that number soon )<br />
    Any sister: one <br />
    Fav. animals? dogs or cats<br />
    when I grow up... I wanna be a nurse, since I've growed up I could tell you that I'm a nurse student wink and I will be a nurse soon<br />
    When I woke up I.. cry and say: nooo not already morning T-T and after wiping my tears off I woke up and get prepared for school<br />
    I write with my right hand but I'm ambidextrous with any other things<br />
    I do sing when I take a shower<br />
    It takes me too much time to know what I'll wear for school so I'm always running to take the bus so I have no time to put make up and such but when I have time my face look good smile <br />
    when I'm nervous I bit my lips ( I'm always nervous)<br />
    when someone stare at me I get nervous and look away<br />
    I'm a really shy girl <br />
    that's all I could think of!<br />
    [ONE LOVE]<br />
    User Image<br />
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