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  • Artist Info: Hello. You can call me Zava. (and,yes. i DID join in early '04 but somehow my account was banned and I never ever got it back. -__-)I am several years young and I love basically anything that doesn't involve spiders, cockroaches, or creepy old houses. I actually hate spiders with a burning passion. can't stand them. OH, i like bright colors if that matters at all... uhh... what else am i supposed to write on here? neutral <br />
    Oh, and I play French Horn, Mellophone, Piano, and Guitar. I love my music biggrin <br />
    :} ] Mustache smiley!!!! biggrin <br />
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    My treasured doners :3<br />
    -Ronfae (Bape cow)<br />
    -Please Hold Hotline (Go Phones) <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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    kthxbai!! <br />
    wait...<br />
    PICTURES!!<br />
    User Image<br />
    TWINKIES!!!! biggrin DD<br />
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    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    You can't see it very well, but Papa saw is blue. i'm not THAT good of an editor. ((:<br />
    User Image<br />
    me and a bunch of crazies Mask hunting in otami.<br />
    User Image<br />
    Papa saw farming in Bassken razz <br />
    User Image<br />
    okay, so I got dazed in Old Aqueduct, then awakened... VUALA! I was on top of the Null crystals! (how did I do that? actually...I have no idea. ) (:<br />
    User Image<br />
    Some girl I met in towns and it was like... amazing! biggrin D<br />
    User Image<br />
    So I was in Gold Beach... and I see this cluster of blue dots! And so I teleported (I love that thing!) and this is what happened.<br />
    User Image <br />
    Me and regular friends in gold beach...again<br />
    User Image<br />
    So I see ANOTHER cluster of blue today, and it's weird.... we are almost all wearing red and dark halos!! so, of course, I couldn't resist taking a picture. (:<br />
    User Image<br />
    cirrrcle!!! biggrin D<br />
    User Image<br />
    Since when has this been possible? omggggg <br />
    amazing. o3o<br />
    User Image<br />
    Yeah. I just stumbled across these i mean TOTALLY RANDOM people....&lt;&lt;......&gt;&gt;.......and they just happened to have my scarf on! (i can never spell it right)<br />
    User Image<br />
    You can hardly see my coco, and my kiki looks like he has only one eye!<br />
    User Image<br />
    ahhh, good times<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    When I joined Gaia:<br />
    -The URL was go-gaia, not gaiaonline, and had different servers. (Ian, Sasha, Rufus, etc.)<br />
    -It had a Personals area, where you'd search the ads and PM people who posted.<br />
    -Rock Puppy was the Mascot on the front page.<br />
    -The Salon didn't exist.<br />
    -Skin Tyte didn't exist.<br />
    -Barton Jeweler's didn't exist.<br />
    -The Cash Shop didn't exist.<br />
    -Gaia Cash didn't exist.<br />
    -The Ol' Fishin' Hole didn't exist.<br />
    -The Flowershoppe didn't exist.<br />
    -There were no games.<br />
    -There were no Evolving Items.<br />
    -There were no Sponsors.<br />
    -The only event's were Gaia's Anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Gaia's Anniversary lasted only a day, the other three lasted 3 days. MAX.<br />
    -Event's were usually "store-only", and didn't involve a storyline. (I.E. Trick-or-Treating, Caroling)<br />
    -Easter event was on the forums, and eggs popped up randomly on thread pages.<br />
    -The Casino didn't exist.<br />
    -Fishing didn't exist.<br />
    -Towns didn't exist.<br />
    -The Marketplace didn't exist.<br />
    -Meredith (the bank lady) actually had a full-sized NPC gif.<br />
    -The stores were actual stores, and not the compressed images you see now. It had shelves and the items sat on them.<br />
    -Store updates were few and far between, and there would be a few outfits in different colors.<br />
    -You had to click on NPC's to get them to talk. There was no button to talk to them.<br />
    -Rare events, weren't so rare.<br />
    -The Rare's were Pink Links(1k gold), Enchanted Trunks(uncommons), and Pink Giftboxes(rares).<br />
    -Gaia Cars didn't exist.<br />
    -Gaia Housing didn't exist.<br />
    -The entire town of Aekea didn't exist.<br />
    -The entire town of Durem didn't exist.<br />
    -The map didn't have half of the areas it has now.<br />
    -You had to navigate the map to get to the shops.<br />
    -Purple was an option for avatar's eye color.<br />
    -To change your avatar's hair at ALL you had to delete the whole character.<br />
    -When you joined, all you got was a set of Peasant clothes and about 400 gold.<br />
    -There weren't shop items that only cost 2 gold.<br />
    -Monthly Collectibles were called Donation Items and only had two items inside, which didn't have multiple ways of being equipped.<br />
    -Sealeds usually only cost about 4k and were opened any day from the middle to the end of the month at any time of the day.<br />
    -The first Multi-Pose items were the Monkey and Bear Pajama's.<br />
    -The first Hand-held items were the Staff of Angelsand the Demonic Pitchfork.<br />
    -The first item to have multiple "generations" was the G Pin.<br />
    -The first non-equipable item was the 1st Gaia Anniversary Memorial Photo of Gambino and son Gino.<br />
    -There was a "Winner's Circle" on the frontpage of Gaia for creative avatars.<br />
    -There was no site tour.<br />
    -There was no Daily Chance.<br />
    -The layout was completely different.<br />
    -Gaia was an Anime & Roleplaying Community.<br />
    -There was a Link Database, that sometimes contained links to pages that were over PG-13.<br />
    -OMGs were 165k.<br />
    -Two Words: Sushi Database. (Sashimi too. xD; And Taco, and Truffle. And let's not forget BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!)<br />
    -When one server was down, you'd replace the www with another server's name until you could find one that worked.<br />
    -Great Gaia Legend: V0 = always hungry. Frequently ate the sushi database<br />
    l0cke = clumsy. Frequently tripped over the wires to said database.<br />
    Lanzer = "ohay guise. looks like the server's down. wanna play pingpong?"<br />
    ling = "ohay. We should probably fix that..."<br />
    Lanzer, L0cke, V0 = "lulzno. pingpong first. They can wait."<br />
    -LANZER owned and ran Gaia with his crew.<br />
    -Mod's names came in different colors, like Purple as well as Green.<br />
    -There were no Brown names on the site.<br />
    -There was no Friend's List Option.<br />
    - Avatars showed all the poses for collectibles<br />
    -Gaia kept to most of it's promises.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ~List copied from KuraiTsuki, recompiled by myself and Katsu Shunu. If you have a fact to add, PM yamiOmega . Do not copy without YamiOmega's or Kurai's permission. :3
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