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  • Artist Info: Hello,I'm a Jolly English bloke....<br />
    NAHHH!I am acctuly a girl,female,lady,woman....OH whatever you americans call us,I've still got my dignigty.<br />
    I do live in england and I am jolly.so I live in egland I am a girl, and I am jolly.<br />
    what more could a man want?I hear you cry,<br />
    well I am young(only 11)lively and is always ready for a new challenge.<br />
    BUT I'm very good at swimming,and very good at backstroke and have won 2 meadals cos of it,and have one medal for breast stroke the back ones are 50 meters and one is cos I came in 3rd.<br />
    there is a reason the other one was for me coming 6th.<br />
    here it is:<br />
    we were doing heats(heats are things like desiders before the finale)Just heats and I happend to come in 6th of my age group...and that was in ipswich!
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