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  • Artist Info: Hey I am Miho. I am not your ordinary girl. I have many friends and love them all. I work hard to make people happy. I would do anything to make someone smile. I am happy just the way I am and I do not change for anyone. My life is spent doing the things I love and that's it. I do not talk to people that are mean or in other ways put you down. So don't try me man! XD I love to make jokes and hang out with friends. With everything going on in my life I still make time for the people I love. So leave me a comment or maybe even message me. I will reply back. <br />
    <br />
    The girl behind the awesomeness.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I do avi art, so if you want one message me<br />
    People who are important to me:<br />
    Elfie my dearest friend<br />
    Agi my Wifie &lt;3 I wuv her<br />
    Theo my bestest friend<br />
    Hunter my love him till it hurts friend<br />
    Fugi my great friend. &lt;3<br />
    Tiger my awesome friend<br />
    Clover my weird friend &lt;3<br />
    Nick the ex you can't get rid of.<br />
    Mexie my together forever friend<br />
    Rapeist my you don't want to know friend<br />
    Blossom my lover from another life.<br />
    Erin my sweet cuddly friend<br />
    DJ my cuddle buddy <br />
    Shups my crazy and funny friend. &lt;3<br />
    Dante is my Twin<br />
    Weed...well not much you can say about him, but he is cool and funny<br />
    Guy I love him he is so much fun to hang out with.<br />
    Plague my slave. hehehehehehe<br />
    Kiei my Red buddy<br />
    Badass my friend I argue with.<br />
    Nerd my nakie friend
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