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    <br />
    gothicc_melanie<br />
    Name: Melanie Haverty<br />
    Age: 29<br />
    Birth Day: July 1, 1990.<br />
    Location: Pittsburgh PA<br />
    Status: Engaged to the love of my life<br />
    Orientation: None of your business <br />
    Ethnic Background: Irish Scandinavian.<br />
    Religious views: Norse Celtic Pagan. Worshiper of The Morrigan.
    <br />
    Hello, I am Melanie.. as it has been stated many times on this profile. <br />
    I'll keep this short and sweet.<br />
    I am super friendly, kind, and love to laugh.<br />
    I can be short tempered, but only on days where I am already slightly moody.<br />
    I am a curvy gal <br />
    I am a contributing member to society
    <br />
    <br />
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