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  • Artist Info: I'm just your average trouble making teen...<br />
    i'll be turning 13 on march 27. <br />
    i like guys.<br />
    i'm pretty sure i'm straight=]<br />
    i'm currently single.<br />
    hehehe.it didn't work out^_^<br />
    i love anything random and unexpected.<br />
    challenges are just my way of showing off.<br />
    if i had to classify myself.....i think<br />
    we would need a new category for...<br />
    random,mean,bitchy,nice,punkish,hippie,lovable<br />
    anything dangerous is fun for me.<br />
    we have one life to live and i intend to live it to the fullest.<br />
    i love sushi and vietnamese soup!!..yumm^_&lt;<br />
    i was born in the philippines and is currently living<br />
    in my bunny hole in So Cal.<br />
    i can be totally nice if you are but once you get me started.....<br />
    uh oh.....your done for.<br />
    i have all my friend's backs and wallets..lol..jk<br />
    my favorite colors are black and red.<br />
    i love coffee ice cream!!!<br />
    add me if you like...i'd love that.<br />
    yeah..i drink..occasionally though..sometimes anyways.=]<br />
    i believe our generations worries too much about looks ,<br />
    they need to relax and live life stress free.<br />
    and yes i love butterflies because <br />
    they have unlimited freedom,and they don't care how cool they look or anything<br />
    when i get old enough i'd like to have a tattoo of a butterfly<br />
    that's why i love them.<br />
    currently i have fake butterfly tattoos..lol..just substitute for the real ones<br />
    i don't like killing bugs,insect ,reptiles or animals<br />
    they have enough right to live<br />
    as much as we do.<br />
    i also believe in life beyond our galaxy .<br />
    not aliens but people like us..just different.<br />
    i think we get reincarnated into anything possible.<br />
    my dharma in this life is unknown yet <br />
    but i'll know it when it comes upon me.<br />
    haha...i want nothing but peace and serenity.<br />
    i'm a pretty peaceful person.<br />
    i love anything mythical or magical!<br />
    i believe in vampires,werewolves,unicorns<br />
    and such of the unknown world.<br />
    i'm usually quiet just because i have thoughts in my mind.<br />
    i spazz out at times and might as well not even notice anything around me<br />
    i thought i found the "right" one but i was yet again disappointed<br />
    is there really such thing as the "right" one?<br />
    well i have to stop here..this topic is just too much for me.<br />
    thanks for reading about me..and i love ya guys!!!!
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