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    Hi My name is <br />
    Paul Slaine alexsander Henry rogerick Zachariah Thomas<br />
    (long name isn't it)<br />
    nicknamed: mooha ghost or dread of the dead(no duh....)<br />
    I come From the Uk.<br />
    I can draw a bit....<br />
    My catch frase is "I like pie"<br />
    I'm a spritest.(see page more info)<br />
    One thing I do in spare time is make stick man wars.<br />
    (hard to explain)<br />
    Dr Pepper rock like pie.<br />
    I'm a poet.<br />
    I make random songs.<br />
    Two Strange things about me is:<br />
    I'm a cult leader (see journal for ever more info)<br />
    And I have piano fingers.<br />
    <br />
    p.s: God theirs lots of see more info's.
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