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  • Artist Info: Hello, I'm BreadandButterfly! <br />
    I love more than I should, I give more than I got, and I want more than I have. That's the only way to get by in my books. <br />
    Sometimes I feel like my heart is bigger than my brain. <br />
    I withstand conformity and I seek beauty in even some of the most unsightly of things. <br />
    I noticed that I do tend to leave people in the dark, a lot. <br />
    I am living for me and no one else, your words can't make or break me. <br />
    I am a lover AND a fighter. <br />
    If I don't live up to your expectations then I very well pleased myself. I live in my own world. <br />
    The 'real world' casts a shadow I refuse to live under. <br />
    Nasty combination of little but feisty. <br />
    Walk right on by, not a damn thing to catch my eye. <br />
    I'm tricky. I'm quiet. I value individuality, and care little to please the world. <br />
    I'm a sweet girl, unless you're up for games. <br />
    I'm all about toughin' it through with laughter, I make amends and take whatever I'm given and turn it into something more. <br />
    I love fast excitement, I don't mind the busy life. Go, go, go, now, now, now. <br />
    I work best alone, but thrive off companionship. <br />
    I always want and hardly ever need. <br />
    I take on more than I think I can handle just to make a statement, I love a good challenge, and I give more than I got. <br />
    My heart is my ruler. I want it all or I simply want nothing. <br />
    I am a writer and a drawer, family and friends get me through it, and eating out is what I do best. <br />
    I volunteer at the zoo and help people feed the giraffes, I love anything to do with conservation. Archaeology, Astronomy, and English are some of my favorite subjects. <br />
    I love to role play, its my sole reason for being on this website, so if you have any cool ideas or need someone to join ever, i'm open! ^^<br />
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    Check out my deviantart! <br />
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