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  • Artist Info: Hello, my name is Amanda. I am just about sixteen years old and I've grown out of a lot of things. Being totally retarded with my friends...that isn't one of them. There is a lot to say about me but there isn't enough time to explain it. A few things are:<br />
    -I like a lot of different types of music<br />
    -My friends mean a lot to me. Don't mess with them<br />
    -I'm a nice person once you get to know me.<br />
    -I don't take kindly to bullshit anymore (:<br />
    -My family is a big part of who I am<br />
    -I have a boyfriend.<br />
    -And I'm very laid back about a lot of things.<br />
    <br />
    When I say that my friends mean a lot to me, I'm kidding around. My best friend of all time, Justine. I've known her for years. Longer than I've known most of my friends. I trust her with a lot. Secondly, when it comes to my boyfriend, I get all "lovey-dovey" but I don't care. He's amazing what can I say? (:<br />
    Some things that I really don't take to kindly are when people try to talk shit to me about my friends. Don't like them? I don't care. Deal with it. If you have so much of a problem with them and you want to lie to me and say stupid shit about them, go right ahead. I'll drop you like a rock, and I'm not lying about that.<br />
    <br />
    RANDOM! Yes, quite so I am random but then again, who isn't? I do a lot of random things. But then again, I like to do things like<br />
    -paint<br />
    -sing<br />
    -dance<br />
    -play guitar<br />
    -hang out with friends<br />
    -talk on the phone<br />
    I'm a teenager, I do crazy things. But, all in all, I'm a reader, a writer, and musician and a freelancer. I love to live and I live to love. I'm cheesy but deal, it's who I am.<br />
    <br />
    ps...there's a van down by the river...don't go near it (;
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