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    <br />
    To those who know me and don't know me talk2hand .<br />
    Let me give you all a warm welcome to my page!<br />
    whee *HUGS* whee <br />
    As you can see, I've changed my name to 'Bulan Matahari' which directly means 'The sun's moon'.<br />
    My previous name used to be 'Hinata_lovemuch'. I still love that name. But I still decided to change it.<br />
    My upcoming comic will be based on my Avi name 'Bulan Matahari.<br />
    I'll post it up when I'm done with it. biggrin
    <br />
    Get to know me. I might be fun, sarcastic or love-able razz <br />
    twisted (P/S: I love making fun of Shadovvolf) twisted <br />
    <br />
    wahmbulance YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! wahmbulance <br />
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