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    Hey y'all My name is Elizabeth, I perfer to be called Asi :]. Im 15 , Turning 16 this month! &lt;3 I like to sing and dance, Swim,Shop,And chill wit my frannds! &lt;3 I am TAKEN by the most AMAZING guy in the world! &lt;3 I love him soo much and i always will. He is the best! there is no one better than him! On 10.11.08 Tevin snatched my heart and i hope he will never let it go &lt;3 I never knew wat love rlly was till i found him and everytime i say i love you Tevin I truly mean it! &lt;3 U are my everything! i love you soo much! &lt;3&lt;3<br />
    <br />
    HACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
    YES MWAHAHHAHAHAHAAHA U HAVE JUST BEEN HACKED BY UR BF IM TAKING EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! jk jk My Asi geez wat i say about this girl i love her to death and she knows that i hope wat we have last forever and ever. Had a chrush on her since the day i met her and have never lost that feelin. Asi babe I LOVE U i love u now and i will love u forever *kisses* <br />
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