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  • Artist Info: Hello! I am Beken, and welcome to my profile. ^_^ <br />
    Random facts about me. <br />
    I like many different genres of music, but listen to Rock the most<br />
    I love to draw (I'm not very good but whatever. It amuses me at least ^_^ ) <br />
    I have played just about ever game system ever made at one point or another. <br />
    My avi usually reflects how I am feeling. Either my mood or physically.....and sometimes it just looks darn awesome, lol. whee <br />
    The 90's were awesome 3nodding <br />
    I can cook just about anything, but I love baking the most.<br />
    I watch movies, and hate normal TV<br />
    I collect books<br />
    I have been an anime, and manga fan since forever. <br />
    I like to go with the flow, am easy going, and do have a temper from time to time sweatdrop <br />
    I love singing whee <br />
    I like to meet new people <br />
    I have been crocheting and knitting since 11<br />
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