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  • Artist Info: I am hate, I am dishonesty, <br />
    I am the wind that flies wildly in the open blue sky, <br />
    your fears mean nothing to me,<br />
    your unseen scars I never notice,<br />
    I am the darkness that lies inside,<br />
    you feel every emotion and I feel nothing,<br />
    I feel no joy in your stupidity,<br />
    no joy in your demise,<br />
    you feel me one way or another every week,<br />
    Hate and lies no matter how small will never die,<br />
    I will embrace your soul every week one way or another, perhaps every day,<br />
    You welcome me with open arms,<br />
    I feel no happiness in your shameful tears,<br />
    no temptation to make you miserable,<br />
    you never try to stop lying,<br />
    I never leave,<br />
    your hunger for the death of someone's soul will surely make you bleed,<br />
    your feeling of hate is quite okay,<br />
    I feel nothing but your soul is mine.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    By me.<br />
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