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  • Artist Info: Salvete, omnes!<br />
    Okay, so, it's been a while since I've been on here, because i really don't much care for gaia online anymore, but anyhow, it's 3 AM when i'm writing this, and therefore my judgement is clouded.<br />
    About me...<br />
    I'm 15, born on november 15th, 1995. Stuff has happened, some of which i'm proud and some of which i'm not, but i am what i am because of all of it, regardless. I guess i'm an okay person, considering. i understand some things, at least. <br />
    I like listening to peoples' stories. They fascinate me, and I know not why. Perhaps i just want to know everything. maybe i just want to get to know what people are like. i've been relatively isolated from them for a while now. also psychology has always interested me, so that could be it. anyway, if you ever just want to talk or complain at me for something that has nothing to do with anything, pm me or get in touch with me somehow. i don't like to judge, meaning that i don't. <br />
    i love poetry.<br />
    it reflects the soul through words.<br />
    send me some to read.<br />
    I'm also an artist. I've done a few oil paintings, some acrylic paintings, etc., but my main expertise is pencil sketching. by sketching, i mean normal drawing, but it's usually on lined paper and therefore considered a sketch. i'm probably going to pursue art in college, as well as one of the sciences, most likely chemistry, paleontology, or biology, in that order.<br />
    I'm slightly a grammar Nazi. Only sometimes though. (sentence fragment: consider revising)<br />
    I spend most of my time doing school things and sucking at life, but in my free time I enjoy sleeping, gaming, not sleeping, and procrastinating. <br />
    if you've read this much, you must actually somewhat care about what i have to say. If this is indeed the case, read my journal... or not. I don't know what i've written in there. it's been a while. all of it may be a bunch of weird shit...<br />
    Anyway, thanks for letting me waste your time. chat me up when you get the chance, if you care to.<br />
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