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  • Artist Info: Hello my name is angalyese...lets see i like anime and manga and yaoi(for you yaoi fans i read yaoi a lot) I can draw anime by hand just not on the computer cause i suck at it. My favorite anime is bleach and witch blade cause they are awesome and i like it. my favorite food is anything i find is good like pizza with chocolate sauce drizzled on top (wich tastes amazing like strawberries dipped in caramel then dipped in chocolate) i have a pretty big family so i am never left alone except at night when im on my laptop....reading yaoi.im a nice person but i become a bitch when i have to so watch out. i am black but when you see me i look mixed so please dun hate me im innocent i just like gaia and dun judge me..i hate ppl who judge me...or ill judge you...like a stalker...i dun even know tht matches up, being a stalker and judging ppl. to tell me about that horrible metaphor or simile...i really dun know the difference...message me!!!<br />
    `<br />
    your friend,<br />
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