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  • Artist Info: I'm a dude, that is very nice ( I think). If I'm not nice just tell me. I try to be nice. Arizona is my home, but I want to live in Japan. Right now, I'm stuck in this place called Texas. Ever heard of it? If you really want to know more about me just talk. I'm pretty easy to talk to.<br />
    I like Death Note, Sailor Moon, Rosario Vampire and Pokemon ( a little bit of Cardcaptors) as far as anime goes. Currently, I've been into Sgt. Frog, School Rumble, and Clannad. I love video games and everything about them. EVERYTHING. I'm mostly a Playstation fanboy, however. My favorite genre of videogames is....no, not shooters but I like Army Men, MGS, and SW Battlefront. It's not RPG either, but I like Final Fantasy VIII and VI, Kingdom Hearts, and Jeanne D'arc. It's not fighting games, but I like Tekken, DOA, and MK. Rythym games is warmer, but still wrong, however I like Parappa da Rappa, DDR, and Guitar Hero. Racing games are fun, but not quite, I still like Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, and Smuggler's Run. My favoritie genre of games is platformers. I love Crash Bandicoot, Little Big Planet, and Sonic. <br />
    I like Jim Carrey movies and Will Smith movies and Jackie Chan movies.<br />
    I'm not emo, but I write songs. Like "musical theory and compistion" songs. I usually need help with lyrics unless it comes from the heart (I'm still NOT emo).<br />
    I'm probably just your average geek, nerd... but I'm anything but boring. Ask anybody who knows me.<br />
    I LOVE reading.<br />
    My favorite books are:<br />
    Airborn by Kenneth Oppel<br />
    The Bible<br />
    The Chocolate War by Robert Corimer<br />
    Ordinary by Andrea Neveu<br />
    The Wish List by Eoin Colfer<br />
    My little cousin Alyssa Varela is now a little author. She's 10-years-old and her first book was published recently. She's amazing. I also have to put out that one of my friends, Andrea Neveu, also is an amazing story writer. I see alot of potential in her. To Andrea: please keep writing!<br />
    I'm a game programmer now, folks! Still a student, but looking to find work soon! I have found my niche in the gaming world, but I will leave the rest of the "about me" the same because it's so nostalgic. biggrin <br />
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