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  • Artist Info: hey. <br />
    im celene {age 16} and im pretty average. i'm on dance team, and i like drawing/writing, reading, playing video games, singing...yea..nothing too big. <br />
    um...im on the top dance team in the united states for military in 2007-2008 (ill leave it to ur imagination to find what state im from :3) and we recently won the coveted title of 2009 Grand Champion Dance/Drill. :3<br />
    fav books happen to be: twilight series....its my bible lol, green angel, impulse, the uglies trilogy, and the looking glass wars trilogy.<br />
    favorite video games {including mmorpgs (that means mega multi online role playing games :3)} guild wars, world of warcraft, kingdom hearts, all final fantasy games, and rock band.<br />
    and like i said.....i sing....lol this summer u might catch me on america's got talent smile <br />
    seriously<br />
    thats me
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