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  • Artist Info: Hay thur. <br />
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    Who am I?<br />
    I have the stature of a mountain, and the love of a French man. My body is as irrestiible as Lays Potatoe Chips. I know the exact location of Carmen Sandiago and I always know where Waldo is. I have played Poker with David Hasslehoff and powerlifted with Arnold Schwarznegger and Sylvester Stallone. I taught Jimi Hendrix how to play the guitar with his teeth and Frank Sinatra how to sing. Albert Einstein confronted me when he tried to explain the Theory of Relativity. Nostradamus based his philosophies off of my teachings to him, I allowed him to take full credit though. Victorias Secret asked me to be an underwear model for all of their merchandise. I have swam with the Narwhals and other rare porpoises.<br />
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