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  • Artist Info: ninja Well, I'm hatobureikazu in other words known as heartbreaker. ninja <br />
    Well,I'm pretty much a shy sweet and innocent girl. I can't seem to make close friends with girls it's odd and not easy for me to bond with girls.idk sweatdrop <br />
    so,most of my friends are guys and yea..some of my guy buds accept me as one of them and not like a girl so much at times.lol<br />
    er,well I'm 18.now a freshman in college.whoo college lol<br />
    Majoring in architecture.<br />
    <br />
    My real name is Krista and I was named after the fairy from the cartoon Fern Gully. 3nodding I don't like my last name so that doesnt matter.My high skool buds call my Domo or Heartbreaker or Kuri among other nicknames.:3 <br />
    Really if you want to get to know me or chat just ask.<br />
    wahmbulance I love to draw so if anyone would like me to draw them avi art i can do it.Hell, i'll do tattoo art (yes,i've drawn tattoo art for a bud).I actually do have tattoo art requests. (i should sell my tattoo art) &gt;_&gt; wahmbulance <br />
    <br />
    Anyways i'm a pretty cool girl once you get to know me I'm a big kingdom hearts nerd, I love art, anime, music, drawing, video games, martial arts, sparing, day dreaming,i can play the sax(though i havent in a looong while now).<br />
    It's rare that I get on Gaia but i do have a myspace(no1seems to use myspace anymore...i still do) and i have a facebook I also like to webcam. razz
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