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  • Artist Info: {{I decided that I wanted to make my own Hetalia character. Originally, I wanted to do something South American. Like... Brazil or Peru. But then I read that Antartica had a 'capital.' If it has a capital, it must be a country of some sort, right?! &gt;____&gt; Anyways, I LIKE ESKIMOS so shhh, don't flame.}}<br />
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    Nation's name: Antarctica<br />
    Capital: King George Island<br />
    Language: Fluent in several, but she's best at English and Russian<br />
    Birthday: December 1, 1959 <br />
    Nat'l Flower: ... What flowers?<br />
    Human name: Kanta<br />
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    She's very quiet and observative. She's the type that always manages to stay out of trouble and keep a cool head in any situation. Her constitution is weak so she gets sick very easily (Global warming-- Stop it D&lt;.) Not born in Antarctica, she's mixed with several cultures, she's most comfortable around Russia and Canada. Unlike most, she finds it amusing when other countries meddle with one another's affairs-- especially America. Very passive due to her lack of social experience, she's easily pushed around and needs others to stand up for her.
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    {{ ~ More To Be Added ~ }}
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