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  • Artist Info: Irasshaimasse! Hajimemashite!! Watashi no namae wa Amirysu-san desu. Ogenki desu ka?<br />
    <br />
    Anyway, I'm a very friendly, happy, optimistic, kinda hyper, caring, funny, laughs alot, a bit shy, weird type of person.(DAMN!) Soo, I like to meet new people and make friends. I like to draw mostly fashion designs (inspired mostly by Japan), using as examples styles that already exist to create a new one; but i like to make pretty portraits that represents elegance and beauty(with a bunch os details). I LOVE JAPAN and would love to go there someday... I'm into japanese street fashion right now, soo i go to conventions dressed as DECORA and Gothic Lolita and such. In my personal opinion, japanese rock is much much better than the american and european rock bands(if u really know how to look for them, of course!!).<br />
    <br />
    I recomend the following J-rock bands and solo artists, as well they are my fave:<br />
    <br />
    *Versailles~Philharmonic Quintet~<br />
    *AN CAFE<br />
    *The GazettE<br />
    *Kaya<br />
    *Alice Nine.<br />
    *Plastic Tree<br />
    *Kanon Wakeshima<br />
    *Moi Dix Mois<br />
    *Malice Mizer<br />
    *LM.C<br />
    *Lareine<br />
    *Miyavi<br />
    *Girugamesh<br />
    *Aikaryu<br />
    *HIZAKI Grace Project<br />
    *Mix Speakers,Inc.<br />
    *Perfume(J-pop)<br />
    *Capsule(J-pop)<br />
    *Pantasmagoria<br />
    *Schwarz Stein<br />
    *Gackt<br />
    <br />
    Sooo, yeah thats pretty much it!!
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