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  • Artist Info: Hello everyone. If your here then you must be a friend of mine. Welcome to my profile. A few things about myself.<br />
    <br />
    I'm 18<br />
    I smoke on occasion<br />
    I drink on rare occasions<br />
    I'm a big Spider-Man nerd<br />
    I love comics books<br />
    I don't know what I am religious-wise<br />
    I honestly think I'm gonna go insane sooner or later<br />
    I enjoy listening to most types of music<br />
    I hate a large portion of rap<br />
    I love love LOVE to act<br />
    Drawing is a passion of mine<br />
    Writing is a hobby for me<br />
    I'm very self-consious<br />
    I have trust issues<br />
    I'm a tad bit paranoid<br />
    I hate preps<br />
    I hate jocks<br />
    I hate Emo/Scene kids<br />
    <br />
    Thats about it, for now. If you don't like any of this stuff, then don't be my friend. Bottom Line: I'm a freak, but I'm a nice guy too. I can take a joke about my looks and all that as long as you don't go too far. I have made and lost a lot of friends, but I still get through with my life alright. So get to know me, scratch under the surface, and you may see something you like.
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