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  • Artist Info: I’m a total freak! If you don’t want to get scared every once in while then I would advise you not to add me unless you are going to talk to me and you don’t just want someone else on your friends list.<br />
    I love bats, but I’m still kinda scared of them. I’m not a mean person, but I can be if you make me mad. I don’t want to kill people, and I’m almost never depressed unless it is completely necessary (which most of the time its not but, oh well…). I’m not scary unless I’m in a bad mood. I wear colors (contrary to what everyone thinks, Goths don’t always wear black). The only color I will not wear is pink. (I have nothing against it I just don’t like it.) I like to listen to really loud music, and chat online. I’m 15; my favorite colors are black, red, lime green, and on occasion orange. I’m 5"9' and I have long dark brown hair and most people don’t like me. I ruin everyone’s lives! Anyone that tries to be friends with me automatically has a problem with me and finds some excuse not to be around me, or they start to yell at me. I yell back and walk away furious, then I don’t want to be around them any more. So… I don’t have that many friends.<br />
    I’m told constantly that I’m worth nothing, so I believe it. My life just plain sucks and my real mom hated me and wanted her drugs more than me so I was brought to the place where I am currently living (Not allowed to say where…) after that I started school. The first day of school was when I met my best friend that I have never fought with yet and when I was made fun of she defended me.<br />
    The first time I cried in school was in second grade and when my (kindergarten) crush saw me so upset he went over to the girls that made me cry and yelled at them they didn’t bother me until middle school. In sixth grade I dated a guy named DJ and he broke my heart. Then in 7th grade I dated a guy named Russell. He was going to kick some kid’s a$$ and when I tried to stop him he turned around and I thought he was going to hit me. It scared me so I didn’t feel comfortable around him. In 8th grade I dated a guy named Drew. He was my first kiss and I really liked him, but the day after his birthday I put a fairy wand in his locker because his neighbor told me to. He broke up with me because I wouldn’t get it out. So that’s my life. It sucks!<br />
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