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    Thats me... im really into heavy metal, Godzilla, and Hanging out. I was born 8/26/90 and I will Talk to you if you talk to me! be nice and i'll do the same... im generally a nice person... I like Anime and cartoons in general... im not white just so you all know! lol! im actually part mestizo and part french believe it or not!... My grandma is who i got the mestizo blood from! love her to death btw! I like Gaia for two reasons: 1. Bad ass avi customization! 2. Chat site with anime... pretty cool... no? I live in Wilmington California so dont ask! hahaha! Im a gamer pure and simple... u give me a controller and i will learn to pwn with it! I love to fight! i train randomly but not so much lately... I will start again soon one day and love it! well thats all i really can think of right now... so enjoy my page and hope we can be friends!<br />
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    these are my dream Avi's! Donations here?<br />
    the undead one is more impossible i think... since theres no more 2k4 zombie potion... but the bottom avi is the one i want! XP<br />
    Now I have my werewolf design up! I love werewolves! its the cheapest also! lol!<br />
    Plz donate if you can! thank you!
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