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  • Artist Info: wow...um, I never really done anything like this.<br />
    Well my name on here is Grim, and no yall can not know my real name.<br />
    umm, I'm from Texas and yes i do have a southern drawl.<br />
    I'm a very difficult person to read and that's sayin' somethin' because even i don't understand myself either sometimes.<br />
    I do know that i am loyal to my loved ones, and can be goofy as people say.<br />
    but i can also lose my temper with people also.<br />
    I do stress easily, mostly around college semesters. I'm 25 years old and i been in college for about 7 years now. <br />
    I love to walk a lot, read, swim, and paint(when i am up to it)<br />
    i love goin' to the movie theater when there is a good movie to see.<br />
    I have a cat named Dominic and he is Prince of Darkness in cat form(i swear he can be worse than satan himself)<br />
    I had another cat who's name was Ashes but she passed away in May of 2008(i loved her dearly)<br />
    I do love anime, and my favorite Manga is Skip Beat. heart <br />
    My favorite actor is Jensen Ackles heart <br />
    I don't watch much tv unless there's a show that interest me, which isn't much, but i do love the channel truTv. <br />
    My favorite tv shows are Supernatural, Walking Dead, Arrow, Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf, Finding Carter, Dead Files, iZombie, Gotham, and Dracula.<br />
    My favorite subject in high school was History, and I'm studin' in Criminal Justice in college. I'm very good at workin' out people's problems, but only if they want the help. I really want to help people because i do care for people, i was thinkin' of bein' a nurse but i just don't see myself holdin' a needle against someone, so i went for Criminal Justice.<br />
    I sometimes take on projects to keep me from goin' insane.<br />
    for example in high school, i ended up teachin' myself about the Seven Deadly Sins, as well as the Chinese Zodiacs.<br />
    i was also tryin' to teach myself Japanese, but that was difficult(i used to have a teacher that was teachin' me but she moved away when i was in 10th grade)<br />
    I have 3 brothers and a sister, and only one of them get's on my nerves. *coughlilbrocough*<br />
    I love listenin' to music of all kinds except for Rap and some R and B and Hip Hop. my favorite band is the 100 Monkeys.<br />
    I love takin' pictures,I just got myself a new waterproof camera and i am goin' nuts with it like i did in high school 12th grade. <br />
    but anyways, this is all i can think of, and i'll try and update as much as i can.<br />
    oh yea, and I don't mind a comment or a PM guys, I'm very friendly and respectful, as long as you are. Later. <br />
    I apply the Law of Attraction in my Life. Always stay positive emotion_yatta <br />
    <br />
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