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  • Artist Info: hey.. my name is quiarah bt u can refer to me as kitty kat or rainbow curly q... i am a nice person bt i hav my moods nd can get mean if nessicary.. my best friend in the whole wide world is sierra.. we hav our momentz..gud n bad... bt we can relate n tell each otha EVRYTHING... she is ma boo boo.... lol bt ma boyfriend is dominic n we have known each otha foeva... we hav lik nothing incommon bt rlly carin fo each otha! lol i know im embarissen u!! smile i luv to tlk nd i luv my franz even more... i am a total band geek nd u can totalyy rely on me to keep a secret that muzn b told.. i only read very little anime nd manga bt i luv to draw it... i hav a little skill bt i dont rely on it.. hit me up if u wanna now more...<br />
    luv ya, <br />
    hihi_kitty kat_ <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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