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  • Artist Info: *About Mi*<br />
    1 name: Big Mark aka DJ Note "The VMG" «<br />
    2 age: 15 «<br />
    3 loves music like crazy «<br />
    4 loves playing video games «<br />
    5 uses the computer ALOT [lol] «<br />
    6 buying stuff xD «<br />
    7 having fun and hanging out with friends and playing sports smile «<br />
    8 being with my girlfriend &lt;3 «<br />
    <br />
    hates:<br />
    1 noobs «<br />
    2 assholes «<br />
    3 annoyin people, that arent mi friends «<br />
    4 and bad stuff lmaoz «<br />
    <br />
    Gettin mi Presents cuz i run diz shit on September 27 xD jk but born on 9-27-96 in the capital of NJ. aint from PR completely but still gonna rep my heritage (BORI!!! LMAO) and im part Costa Rican as well. I love to make reggaeton beats and listen 2 dha music as well since it my life, mi vida, mi alma heart but i know how to make rap and techno beats, for some reason xD im a computer addict and proud of it and what? lol jk but anythin else message, pm, IM, facebook, hit me up xD lol well pce out smile <br />
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