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    . biggrin onations-:.<br />
    TsannDaPanda - Demonic Anklets, 8ooo gift credits, Ballerinas Circlet, Gift Of Goddess, 5k-ish in tickets and way more. x3 &lt;333<br />
    Yoai Mistress - Tickets and a blue/white heartbreaker jacket, dark halo, water trident, Plumeria Headpiece and all her love. ;D<br />
    AnWeRiDToYo - Tickets. o:<br />
    `Ahmnomnom - 1ooo gold, candy cane, butterflies, easter stuffies, Aquatica and a dragon tail. .3. &lt;3<br />
    Sadistic B a b y - Emo glasses. n.n <br />
    AimeeZhou - Thank you letter for May 2007<br />
    Yukito Reisaki - Thank you letter for April 2007 <br />
    Swann Elizabeth - Random commons. ;D Worth at least 8k. o:<br />
    DDevil100- Clown nose, tickets, random tops, socks, event items and gold.<br />
    HeartMooneh - Maids Dress. ;D &lt;3<br />
    Libreal - Fire Flower. <br />
    k a n n i v a l i s m - Heart shaped box and 335 tokens. &lt;3<br />
    oO Vodka Oo - Skull Eye Patch. x3<br />
    Lord Kilcullen - 20k. o.o &lt;333<br />
    Mayu-Mayu-Chan - 1k<br />
    Mejin Rairi - Superior Form. ;D &lt;3<br />
    -[.Moo.]- - All her dirty panties, smashing cities, 4 yellow retro phones, 7800g, a piggy plushie, a brown gift box, tattoos, a bat eye patch thingie, pixie wings, Young Mrs. Claus' Garter, bunny luv ears, blush clown make-up, Two Devoted Pawns, red leather mini skirt, an Anti-Fashion Technically Colored Dreamcoat (Bright), blade's shirt, Pink Heart Chocolate Cake, a Thank you letter for Feb 2008, Blue Sweetheart teddy, Pink Sweetheart teddy, an Angelic Mood bubble, Kitty slippers, The Dogpile orphan, a Black Long-Stem rose, Luck o' the Gairish, Fairy Cloth, Green Checker Apron, Leafy Tarven Wench's Bustier, Earth Punctured Plaid Button-up, Lime one-piece swimsuit, Green Squid Tail, Green Kilt, Egyptian Green Linen Wrap, Green Ball Ornament Earrings, Green Snorkel and Mask, a Maple Tavern Wench’s Apple Cider Tray, a Rose Elegant Antoinette Wig, inks, bugs, a May 2008 letter, Lovely Raspberry Witchling hat, white cobweb skirt, black magic boots, and feet of the black beast. &lt;33333333 {Dude. This woman's insane~ &lt;3}<br />
    Wicca Girl Hecate - Thank you letter for November 2007<br />
    jules1994 - October Birthstone crown thingie. 8D &lt;333<br />
    Lady Callie R Gasper - Love bird and silver promise ring. ;D &lt;3333<br />
    [ Orochi-kun ] - Drop Dead Gorgeous Onyx Skull Hairpin and Raving Red Starman Neckerchief x3 &lt;3<br />
    Kuramoto Yuma - 7...7...72k. o.O &lt;33333333333 Ilu so much. ;D &lt;333<br />
    Badd_hellokitty - ...She gave me a 75k discount on Bani clips. D8 ~&lt;333333333<br />
    [ Orochi-kun ] - Blue Pawprint Pajama Shirt x3 &lt;3<br />
    Cliche_Sanity - Baby Santa Coat. ;D &lt;333<br />
    luke_c - Bloody arm bandage thing. ;D<br />
    AsianPear - Black and Gold Oversized Bangles. ;3<br />
    -Simplexx Beauty- - GO Player. =w=; &lt;333<br />
    D4rk_Kn1ght - A steal of a price on all three of the December 2007 MC's. ;D &lt;3<br />
    Eyria - Purple Snowflake scarf. x3<br />
    Saigonese - Rat Ears<br />
    Bag-O-Butt - 2 hearts o' gold. x3 &lt;333<br />
    Fluffeh-Sama - A cross belt thingie, Grace of Aphrodite, TWO Orphans~! I luffs my Scubbers. AND aHeartstring. And she had one too~ We match. n.n &lt;33 And then, a Stealth Evo Nightvision, dove dancer wings, and a heart patch. Thanks, babe. :'D &lt;3<br />
    Disobedience - Immaculate Bishop and Thank you letter for Feb 2008. &lt;333 (Thanks, Shii~ :: tackles:: &gt;3 &lt;333)<br />
    Pengu1npal - Watermelon BubbleNum Bubble <br />
    brunq2 - Watermelon hat<br />
    I R----Gabby - Green ink, green belly tattoo, Tiny Chrismas Head Tree and an Anti-Fashion green necklace~ &lt;3<br />
    Ernessa - 4 leaf clover pin.<br />
    Captain Purpleheart - 2-2-2-250k. Like. Omigod. Thank you. D;&lt; &lt;3333333333 :: dies:: <br />
    Huggiebear - 20k &lt;3<br />
    MelodyDanielle - Red heart glasses~ &lt;3<br />
    Goh Girl - Red heart glasses. x3<br />
    Essence of Me - 1.5k<br />
    Le Prince Egoiste - Heart Balloon~ &lt;3<br />
    Uchiha Kayami - 2 heart balloons AND a silver heart belt. &gt;w&lt; &lt;3<br />
    ally101183 - Heart Glasses. <br />
    Fallen Love In The Depths - Silver heart belt. &lt;3<br />
    HELLO x KAFFY - 400g, floppy clover and sea green sport vest.<br />
    Ryuusag - 468 tickets, 1k, red heart glasses and FIVE silver heart belts~ &lt;333 { :: giggles and glomps:: Ilu, Ryuu. &gt;w&lt; }<br />
    PiNKCRAY0NS - 12 tickets and 800 tokens~<br />
    root99 - Green Doggie Animal Balloon<br />
    Emily_Bemily- Red Wulf tail, Red Fur-trimmed underwear, Candy stripe underwear, Red fur-trimmed bra, Candy stripe bra, Ruby beach sandles, Red Blood brooch, Red eye stripe tattoo, Spirited 2k6 Candy Cane and White Clown make-up. n.n <br />
    bloodmoon1012 - Labu necklace. <br />
    Faith Cupcakes_x - 2 tickets, heart glasses and a silver heart belt~ &lt;3<br />
    Deimos- Son of Aries - Kitty Slippers~ &lt;3<br />
    theTWOdamfaz - Ghosty, Cool Starter Khaki shorts, Icy snug balloon skirt, Black single loop tied belt, and a Blue dragon tail. x3<br />
    Freelance Escape Artist - Sealed letter for March 2008~ &gt;w&lt; &lt;3<br />
    Peppermint Charity - Grunny Shirt &lt;3<br />
    Kur0tenzhi - Langer the Dragon Plush<br />
    Ivan Gerginov - Red Heartbreaker Jacket, Inari beads, Alurna rose, 5 bags of win, a shit load of flowers, a bazillion inks, bugs, 3 Rumble boxes, A Death Whisper, an Urn, and 2000 gaia cash. (Omigod. D; &lt;333)<br />
    `S P A N D E X - Gold Wedding Ring. 8D &lt;3<br />
    Tropical -Storm- Tabby - Pink Whiskers Face Tattoo and Pink Nosey Face Tattoo. &lt;3<br />
    Fairy~Nuff - 2 red, 2 blue ink and 80 pink daffodils. &lt;3<br />
    jerseygrl - 5 white ink. 8D! <br />
    TunaTina _TinaTuna - A coocoon. D; &lt;3333333<br />
    KittenGrey - Coal Black Tavern Wench's Blouse <br />
    proveuexist- 491g. x3<br />
    leighannabby - 4 white ink~<br />
    Shmooki - Grim hat and broom. D; Omigod. And on the day after they came out. ;D &lt;333333333333333333333 And, a Trick or Tote, 14 white ink, a Jan 2009 Letter, 25k, an Anima and a Biancamella for my `18. &lt;3<br />
    Juren - 2 white ink.<br />
    drearygardens - Wonderland, Romani shades, Char boots, an October 2008 letter and 100k freakin'k. D8. &lt;333<br />
    Kirinko - 100k. 8D &lt;3 Omigod. sduhsdlnasdkln &lt;3 (Lol, I has a sugar daddy. xD; &lt;3333333)<br />
    yolanee - 1 white ink~ &lt;3<br />
    Kuba - Alanar doll. Thanks. D8 &lt;3<br />
    I Beg You Donate Please - White BunBun Plushie. ;D &lt;3<br />
    sublime_necromancer - Catastrophe. x3<br />
    chaosisbornfromchoice - 2 November 2009 Sealeds &lt;3<br />
    OreMiku - 20k. &lt;3 And we've only just started to RP too. -luffles-<br />
    Saint Albafika - Golden Fleece<br />
    Shira Neko - Boa Constricter~<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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