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    im finally putting something here. yay! ok so im 16 years old. i like to read, draw, eat, and sleep. oh and listen to music. i dont really comment on my profile so if you want to get ahold of me you need to message me or something (for those of you who have my email or phone # u can...email or text.) hmmm what else??? i'm home schooled, although its almost summer, and im also a nocturnal insomniatic so im mostly on from noon to 5-ish. i tend to be forgetful and i am very much a ppl person. I am also really lazy.<br />
    <br />
    Description!!!<br />
    hair: well i dye my hair alot so its always different, but naturally its light brown (boring). right now it is very very light blond with grey and pink highlights.<br />
    eyes:...ha, my eyes are hazle so they change too! mostly they are grey.<br />
    height: im 5ft something. im taller than all my friends but the shortest in my family.<br />
    weight: not happenin'. all ill say is that i have a very small fram.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    i think that is it. srry if its too long u'll have to get over it.<br />
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