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  • Artist Info: Name: Reyn Celandine<br />
    True Name: Breynin Firdaus<br />
    Age: 22<br />
    Personality: Confident, strong and out-spoken. Usually is calm and level-headed but Tain Shari's short temper and bad attitude has rubbed off on her so she tends to explode when pissed.<br />
    Likes: Reading, Tain Shari, being alone<br />
    Dislikes: Stuck-up people, crowed places<br />
    <br />
    History: Reyn (Breynin) was a gifted child who was studying magic at Ansgar Academy. She was also the daughter of an Lusiartan scholar and diplomat. When she was 12, Manarus requested the service of her father and he refused, she and her family paid the price. At Manarus' will, her mother was killed, Reyn was thrown off a cliff and her brother held hostage. It was believed that Reyn had died in the waves but obviously that isn't the case. Somehow she washed up ashore and small island to the south were she was saved by Tain Shari, the shadow dragon who took her to Julian Yuten. When she woke up she had no memories of who she was, where she was from or what happened to her.<br />
    <br />
    Julian had his suspicions as to who she was, the organization he belonged to were associated to the Firdaus family. So he was well aware of what happened to them and in the best interest of preserving Reyn's life, he decided to keep this quiet. Either way, he was even more suspicious about her natural magical talent and unrefined, potentially dangerous power, especially her innate abilities to use shadow magic. The likes of such that had no been seen in generations. It was a sign of the cursed blood that flowed through her veins. All Julian could do was watch over her and teach her.<br />
    <br />
    10 years passed under the watchful eye of Julian and the constant arguing with Tain Shari but Reyn was happy and wouldn't want it any other way. However this would all change after a routine errand to Beveral.
    <br />
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