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    My name is Jake I'm 17, I was born 8/25/1991. I live in Holiday, Florida. I love metal, horrorcore, and gothic industrial. Music is huge to me, I constantly have something playing in my head. I enjoy and program video games (haven't finished anything). I also love anime.<br />
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    I'm not christian, or athiest for that matter. The closest religion to my beliefs is loose paganism, but my beliefs are a construct of my own. I believe in 3 infallible powers: the creator and maintainer of all, who is the body of the universe; the arbiter of all truth; and the judge of all truth. The arbiter of truth knows everything, but does nothing with that knowledge. The judge of truth knows nothing, but does everything with knowledge. I also believe in the existence of gods as immortal beings with cognative thought who can interact with all other worlds. Gods are not perfect and do have emotion. I believe in the threefold law, and with that if a god accumulates enough bad will they will be stripped of their immortality and become a lesser being.
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