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  • Artist Info: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    The here we go:<br />
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Name: Devilyn<br />
    Age: 21 years old<br />
    Gender:A mystery Mwahahaha<br />
    Location: Pennsylvania<br />
    B-day: 11/16/88<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    Sexual Orientation:Bisexual<br />
    Turn on(s):Blood,bondage,(XP jk maybe hehe)anime<br />
    Turn off(s):Whatever I feel like haveing it<br />
    Status: Single<br />
    Mood: Moody<br />
    Current Song: "Hello Again" by Lost Prophets<br />
    Current Color:Silver,and purple and red<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    Hair: Short Dirty Blond<br />
    Eyes: One light green eye and light blue eye<br />
    Skin razz ale <br />
    Body:5'6,alittle short,and medium weight<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    Fave. Drink razz epsi,Strawberry Daiquiri, and Vodka<br />
    Fave. Dessert:Junk,and Strawberries,or brownies<br />
    Fave. Food:Spicy wings(anything spicy)Jalapeno Peppers<br />
    Fave. Fruit:Tie between Strawberry and Watermelon<br />
    Fave. Vegetable: Corn and String beans(if thats a veggie, I dont know anymore)<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Fave. Quote(s):"Im out of my mind,please leave a message","Yaoi! Proof god wants us to be happy""Don not give this person anything sharper than a crayon""Silence is Golden,Duct tape is silver"<br />
    Fave. Colors:Black,red,purple,and blue<br />
    Fave. Shape: Knife XP<br />
    Fave. Number: 16 and 666<br />
    Fave. Symbol: $$$$, ^-^, and &gt;////o<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    Fave. Weather: Stormy weather<br />
    Hot or Cold?: Hot<br />
    Ice or Snow?: Ice<br />
    Rain or Hail?: Rain<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    Fave. Song: "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz<br />
    Fave. Band(s): Gorillaz and Creature Feature<br />
    Fave. Music Genre(s):Everything but country,mostly Rave and Industrial<br />
    Fave. TV show: House,South Park,Family Guy,and The Simpsons<br />
    Fave. Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas<br />
    Fave. Cartoon Character(s): Sesshomaru,Gaara,and Kenshin,and several others,just ask for them heh<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    Fave. Thing To Say: Oh,Fuck me sideways<br />
    Fave. Celeb or Voice Actors: Johnny Depp and Liam O'Brian,Vic Mignogna,Crispen Freeman,Johnny Yong Bosch,Quintin Flynn,Steven Blum.<br />
    Fave. Sports to do: Not much for sports,but I love swimming <br />
    Fave. Animal: Wolves,Tigers(big cats in general) and Ferrets<br />
    Fave. Store: Hot Topic and Spencers<br />
    Fave. Pants: Trip Pants<br />
    Fave. Shirt: Anything from Hot topic I like,trench coats as well<br />
    Fave. Jewelry: Shiny necklaces,and collars.<br />
    Fave. Clothes Brand:Tripp<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Fave. Snack:Junk food<br />
    Fave. Car: Dodge Viper, and Mustang<br />
    Fave. Item:My Laptop,and my Ipod<br />
    Fave. Activity:Being on Gaia,playing video games, and hanging with friends<br />
    Fave. Dream Job razz aranormal Investigator <br />
    Fave. Hangout : The Mall or in cemeteries,and at the Beach<br />
    Fave. T.v genre:Anime and Horror<br />
    Fave. Video Game:.hack//series and Dirge of Cerberus<br />
    Fave. Book(s):The Phantom of the Opera,and Dracula<br />
    Fave. Obsession(s):My Laptop,YAOI!(&gt; biggrin ),my cigs,and my special blanket <br />
    <br />
    Warning!-I am a bi-polar,I have Skizophrenia,I have a strange and random personality,I am usally very A.D.D. so thought you should know ^-^<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Well thats all about me for the most part,there is more,but if you wanna know more then asking me helps.<br />
    <br />
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
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