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  • Artist Info: My name is holly... I'm weird,But yesh, i live in the middle of nowhere, Florida. I'm from California{San Fransisco} . I hav a bit of an anger issue, but i'm cool most of the time... guess. try not to piss me off. I'm a very emotional person and tryin 2 help usually makes it worse, so dont bother. I hav a boyfried, his name ish Jason and he's the bast guy EVERR, hes soso sweet and weird and open-minded, if u met him, u'd luv him {Unless ur Skye}<br />
    My faV. color ish purple/black/red<br />
    My faV. food ish sushi<br />
    My bestest buddie ish Wanda Ramirez, Shantell Mills, Skye Madison, Samantha Garcia, & Ivan {insert ivan's last name}, Paige Griffin, and Angelica Millito<br />
    <br />
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