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  • Artist Info: Hi, I'm Mariah... My favorite color is blue...yep. I like randomness....<br />
    I am a freak by heart [username...hint?] and I am sooo in love with music. I could not live without it, its my main outlet to a electric socket. *zap* Mainly that music would be rock alternative, but I'll listen to pretty much anything. Except rap. xP....oh and I play the clarinet...I'm a band nerd!! And PROUD! I'm obsessed with icons........as you might of seen....its kinda an outlet too i guess.. Um......I like to help people, places, things...I like to help things that can't help themselves. There's too much crap going on in the world for me to just sit and watch. I love my friends! YOU PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!! biggrin <br />
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