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  • Artist Info: I was born in Australia and love LOVE watching anime (who doesn't!), reading books, watching t.v and most of all....slepping in! Oh and eating Sushi! (YUM!)

    I also like studying history (mostly ancient civilisations) and trying to find new ways of annoying my best friend (it's an inside thing razz ).

    Dark sexy mistress is my 'bestest' friend from high school so don't mess with her or i'll... >.>

    What else...

    Ummm...oh yeah! I like talkative people (since i am one, lol), so the more you talk to me the more i like you ^.^

    I think that's all.

    TTFN wink

    P.S Don't forget to mail me for any questions or just to tell me to shut the hell up! XD

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