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  • Artist Info: Eye color:green<br />
    hair color:blonde(i like keeping it long ^_^)<br />
    My B-Day:July 13 199?(not telling)<br />
    Sex:Male(obviusly)<br />
    Im straight<br />
    Favorite color(s):black,Royal blue,Dark red, and Silver<br />
    Real name: if you are one of my good friend you should already know.<br />
    music:i like country, a little rock and pop, techno, and a few others, but VERY Limited songs for rap!!!<br />
    random things:I like a bit of different anime <br />
    i play quite a few video and computer games<br />
    Like World of Warcraft ^_^<br />
    Assassin's creed (1= hell no!) 2, Brother hood, and Revelations<br />
    MW 2 & 3, and Halo Reach,1,2,3(O.D.S.T not so much confused . )!<br />
    I dont have a problem with Gay people, im not for, but im not against um<br />
    and i really dont like Twilight so meh!
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