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    User Image<br />
    I, SpringTimeFox, love this woman, Aeroxin, now and forever.<br />
    Judge us, ridicule us, hate us.<br />
    We dont care, because we love each other and that will never change because of someone like you.
    <br />
    <br />
    P E R S O N A L
    Name: If you're important to me, you'll know<br />
    Age: Nineteen long, hard years.<br />
    Gender: Its all female below my belt, as if the huge boobs could fool you.<br />
    Orientation: I love Aeroxin. Yes, that means I'm 'lesbian'. What more do you want?<br />
    Home: If my car is in your driveway, thats where my house is. But really, I live with my mom. Again.<br />
    M U S I C S ! !
    Personal Theme Song: The Last Word by Voltaire<br />
    For Aeroxin: Bulletproof by Kerli, Come on, Get Higher by Matt Nathanson, I Must be Dreaming by The Maine<br />
    For Nathan Navigate: Thank You by Simple Plan<br />
    For Him: Die Motherfucker Die by Get Set Go<br />
    M I S C .
    Occupation: Searching for a Job Sub-occupation: Aeroxin's Sexy Lover &lt;3<br />
    Goal in Life: Get my AutoMechanics Degree. Live in NM, CA, KY, and NY. Stay with Aeroxin always.<br />
    R O L E P L A Y S
    <br />
    Role Play Status: There's a sort of [Bittersweet Compassion] that keeps the world sane.<br />
    Main RP Partners: SwitchVale, Mei_Long, Aeroxin, The Tweek, PlayingNaked, Mitsu Mouse, Harudal
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