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    Hello there. <br />
    I'm Kate and you seem to have stumbled across my profile.<br />
    I'm not that good at writing about myself, but I'll have a go. <br />
    My cats are the most important thing to me. Period. <br />
    I'm seriously clumsy.<br />
    I have a habit of typing random letters, for instance, I may be in a conversation with you and I may suddenly type: eifjejgnje. I don't know why, I just do. <br />
    I'm British, with an American and British accent. <br />
    I love Horror/Gore films. I laugh when people die/get tortured.<br />
    I have the tendency of walking into doors/inanimate things (Hence my clumsiness).<br />
    I cannot cook for shit.<br />
    I love to draw. It's what makes me happy. I'm not very good, however I'm <br />
    practising.<br />
    Ta! Come visit again. Or I'll pluck out yer eyes!
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