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    please?? help? i will try to help back : D<br />
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    ~ ABouT MeE~ <br />
    : D Hai! Im vetiogrl ;P otherwise know as Chandler ( ahhh yeah its orginally a girls name btw) im 16 and i have a adoring dog named Buck I love him so! <br />
    I am a very nice person but piss me off : D thats another story( not trying to sound tough) I love to make new friends and meet tons of people! my friends are my family! my aboslute favortie colour is ORANGE! can't go wrong with this amazing colour!!!! ;D I may not be gay but i go for their rights, o ilove my friend James and his bf Mark : D. I love to watch Chowder Flapjack and Adventure Time With Finn and Jake. I love to draw and sing! Anime is what i like to draw and i do other art as well! I love punk grunge gypsy and gypsy punk and classical and i don't like rap or hip-hop and R&B very much! : D well i love scary movies and other oldie classics : ) Oh and Iove Vintage things <br />
    Well ttyl ask for more info!!
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