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  • Artist Info: I don't go on Gaia very much. In fact I would delete my account if I could.<br />
    Let's make this short:<br />
    My name is Mary. I suck at sports but rock at the arts. I'm a kickass instrumentalist and a half decent artist. I have one best friend that can beat your best friend any day, Mina; and an amazing boyfriend, Chase. Over the last year or so, I've learned alot about myself. I've learned to be more careful with the people I choose to trust, they're the only ones I can ever go to anymore because they actually care. I am a proud supporter of To Write Love on Her Arms. I'm pretty sick of all the stereotypes I've heard people call me [mostly "emo"] I'm not "emo" or "goth", I'm not "scene" either. I have absolutely no problem with them, in fact, alot of my friends are like that.
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