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  • Artist Info: I am very interested in trading. Please check out my wishlist to see what Items I would be most interested in trading for. I also am interested in trading for collectables so feel free to ask what I might be interested in.<br />
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    Naomi got me addicted to gaia not to long ago and now I'm completely screwed. lol. There is no getting away from the power of gaia.... must log on... gaia ... mmm zombies!<br />
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    Yeah, so I'm not right in the head... so what? You love it. You relish in it. You just want to know how it can be done with such class, such style! Yeah, well tough tootsie, honey bunches! Not enough meds in the word to get you this F*cked up. Keep trying though... one day... perhaps in another land... you too might see the great heffalumpagis.<br />
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