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    So,I'm Miranda/Mirry/Ra(I have many nicknames). I am the wonderous age of 16&3/4. Yes I count the 3/4. Music is my life. I can somewhat sing and I'm attempting guitar...Bubbly is the only song I've mastered. Writing and drawing and reading and RPing and photography are my hobbies. (I like arts, what can I say?) But so are mud riding, mud racing, and helpin my 2 fav. guys, my stepdad and my boyfriend Doug(that boy has my heart♥) work on cars....I use the term "help" loosely in that situation. I'm a country girl with a computer nerd side....I apologize if I use ain't and yall, it's a habit. Most of the time I'm smart but there are moments when my common sense escapes me and I apologize for that too because I know how it can be annoying sometimes. It even annoys me. Usually I'm laid back and very friendly and don't really have a temper. It takes alot to get me mad and still I've never been mad enough to cause a fist fight. I talk alot, if you haven't noticed from reading this.<br />
    <br />
    Yay! Done with that part. Now since I'm not all that comfy with putting a pic of me on here for everybody and their mamas to see I'm just gonna tell you what I look like.<br />
    I'm a short stick. No lie. I stand at a whopping 5foot 1&1/2. Yes I count the1/2 as well. I only weigh like 98 pounds. No I don't have any eating disorders. I'm perfectly healthy. Just small.<br />
    I have shoulder length brown hair that is some odd mix between wavy and curly and looks like crap when I wake up. I have brown eyes too that sometimes hide behind glasses. Other times contacts and if neither...well then I meet walls in an unpleasant manner. My skin is a funny color. I have a...yellow? err olive? skin tone. So when I have a tan I have had people ask me if I was spanish...and I'm not I'm like...1/16 blackfoot indian.<br />
    <br />
    So. That about wraps it up for me. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.<br />
    ((I apologize for any screwed up words. My 5, 6, r, t, f, g, and v keys do not work and I have to use my onscreen keyboard for them and it's a pain in the rear end.))
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