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  • Artist Info: I'm Lupe AKA lupe the loopy lupe. I have been described as friendly, smart, optimistic, patient, but also clumsy, a procrastinator.<br />
    I like anime especially Pokemon 1st and 2nd generations, video games (rpg), listening to music especially classical and rock, singing, drawing, reading, writing especially poems and lyrics, cooking and eating, anything with my husband and child, stuff like that.<br />
    I live in the USA. I am 21.<br />
    I have the BEST husband in the world so no asking to be your computer sweetheart. I also have a sweet baby boy just turned 2 heart <br />
    Randomness: I love wolves, dinosaurs, cheese, fun facts, pillow pets, Bumblebee the Camero, yogurtland, the autumn season, etc.<br />
    That being said, you can message me, friend me, or even just play a puzzle with me. Bye.
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